Fox at the Fair

Hey, wouldn’t you agree that fair season is the best season?! Time for double snackies!

Watercolor and colored pencil Illustration. Commissioned gift.

Noho by JoeJoe

Watercolor and colored pencil. Commissioned wedding gift.

Orange Lily

Acrylic on Canvas


Acrylic on Canvas

Flamingo Beach

Watercolor, Colored Pencil

The Search For Hockey

Watercolor, Colored Pencil

Ballet Butterfly

Watercolor, colored pencil

Whales Have Birthdays Too

Whales have birthdays too. Let’s celebrate.


Those darn dogs at the park are at it again.
For you Makayla!

Lobster on a Bicycle

Happy birthday to my niece Katelyn who turned 8 and requested a Lobster riding a bike!

Shell 2

Can you hear it?

Rock Crab

Jammin’ on the bass guitar playing his favorite Rock.

Welcome to Hambone Picklebottom’s Art Emporium with featured works by Joe Bessette.
A little bit of humor and whimsy are crammed into each unique piece. Hope you enjoy!