Sunflowers & Apples

18×24, Acrylic on Board

Spending so much time indoors, I need a bit of a stress reliever. Grab some bushes and the paints. A glass of wine? Maybe some beer and some Blues and get to it. Always amazed me how much I can just chill and destress.

Yellow Roses

9×10 Acrylic on board

I grabbed on of these Yellow Rose plants at the Supermarket a few years ago. Hey, why not surprise my wife?! Bouquets are great, but they die. Frownie face.  This plant comes up every year and is a brilliant yellow! Let me paint it!


Gin and Tonic

“There are no bad Gin and Tonic’s, just variations of good.” – My Father-In-Law


Paining of a Rose

Acrylic on Canvas, 8×10

Backyard Iris

8×10 Acrylic on Canvas

Bird of Paradise

Painting of a Bird of Paradise. I feel the need to get to a warmer climate.

Acrylic on Canvas


Thinking of warm weather.

Acrylic on canvas

Fox at the Fair

Hey, wouldn’t you agree that fair season is the best season?! Time for double snackies!

Watercolor and colored pencil Illustration. Commissioned gift.

Noho by JoeJoe

Watercolor and colored pencil. Commissioned wedding gift.

Orange Lily

Acrylic on Canvas


Acrylic on Canvas

Flamingo Beach

Watercolor, Colored Pencil

Welcome to Hambone Picklebottom’s Art Emporium with fantastic works by Artist Joe Bessette.

Joe  is a local Westfield Artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Educated as a painter, illustrator and designer, Joe’s current creative path focuses on whimsical themes which his children have named “Hambone Picklebottom”, a humorous and amusing mishmash of creatures and their desire to live a day in our shoes. His latest theme “Let Them Eat Cake” focuses on the simple celebration of noshing on the most wonderful of confections. Past themes have taken the viewer to another world with a “Space Opera”, motived exercise with “The Active Cow”, and given the alphabet a boost with “A-Z.” Oh yes, and then there’s also the still life work. “Shrimp” was drawn for his daughter who can’t eat enough of it. More can be seen throughout this website!

Joe is the owner and Creative Director of Get Set Marketing on Worthington Street in Springfield. His wife and children have been supportive in his creative endeavors, even though they haven’t seen the bills for his art supplies. Thanks for stopping by to check out the work!